The Wonderul Finds at Trader Joe's

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Holidays done right

So much time and effort goes in to preparing holiday meals. This season, do not cut the time shared with loved ones with these shortcuts.

Happy Christmas!

Photo taken by Debaird

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Gluten Free, Vegan, helpful shopping lists

The vegetarian leaf symbol

Grocery shopping should never be a chore, but with a regulated shopping list it sure can be. Whether you buy strictly fat free foods or vegetarian foods, Trader Joe’s makes the shopping experience less dreadful with their helpful, handy product lists. Read more…

Coffee at its Best: The Peaberry


Trader Joe’s Limited Edition Peaberry from Brazil is a coffee worth the grind. Read more…

Battle of the Brownies

The Competitors

Baking season is finally here. When you walk down the aisle at Trader Joe’s, which of the five brownie mixes will you choose? Read more…

Trader Joe’s DIY Flowers

Last week I suggested that you go to Trader Joe’s for your floral needs. However, I did not think to include instructions on how to make a flower centerpiece. This video shows the basic steps for making a flower bouquet or arrangement.

Cheap Flowers at Trader Joe’s

Flowers are always nice to have at home, but they can get expensive to replenish each week. I am a devotee of flowers and try to have a fresh arrangement weekly, so I say from experience, I have spent far too much money on flowers but have learned a lot in the process. What is my secret?

Decorative Ice Chest

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Trader Joe’s v The Brands

Have you ever wondered why the majority of products found at Trader Joe’s are privately labeled?

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Bippity-Boppity Boo!

The story began in the 1950s with a small chain of Southern California convenience stores called Pronto Markets.It all changed, name and all, in 1967 when the company founder changed the business ways and the name to Trader Joe’s.

Autumn in a box

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